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When you think of Sash Windows the image that springs to mind for most people is that of a creaky, ill-fitting windows that let in draughts and cold, and are typically seen in Victorian houses. And this would generally be true for older none renovated properties. However, the good news is that if you love the look of traditional Sash Windows, you no longer have to tolerate their foibles as modern Double Glazed Sash Windows are a fabulous way to recreate this design element whilst still benefiting from a warmer, more comfortable, draught-proof home.

Double Glazed Sash Windows are the perfect combination of modern technology with traditional style. The double glazing brings beautiful, traditional Sash Windows up to date without losing their charm. They are particularly useful for period/conservation properties as they are a great option for rejuvenation whilst being in keeping with look of the building, even if it’s just for the rear of a property when the front must be timber. To help you decide if Double Glazed Sash Windows may be a good choice for you home, here are some of the questions most frequently asked about Double Glazed Sash Windows:

What is double glazing and how does it work?

Double glazing is glazing that is made up of two panes of glass fitted into the same unit. The panes will have argon gas between them which helps to insulate the windows keeping warm air in the col out. 

Can all sash windows now be double glazed? Will I be allowed to install Double Glazed Sash Windows?

If you choose to have new Sash Windows installed they can of course be double glazed. However if you live in a house within a conservation area or a listed building then there may be some planning restrictions and you may need planning permission. Generally you will need to prove that your existing sashes are beyond repair to obtain planning permission, therefore if you are unable to do this it may be an option to install secondary glazing instead.

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Are Double Glazed Sash Windows durable? 

The durability of Double Glazed Sash windows really depends on how well you maintain your windows.  If well maintained and looked after they could easily last in excess of 25 years. Our Double Glazed Sash Windows are made of the highest quality materials that are designed to last and we are happy to advise on the correct maintenance procedures.  

Will the double glazing alter the visual appearance of my Sash Windows?

In terms of visual appearance there will be very little change with new Double Glazed Sash Windows – this is unless you opt for a different look! The window frames will be the same thickness as they were originally although there will be small differences in the moulding on the outside and the inside bead. We will ensure that your new Double Glazed Sash Windows are the perfect fit for your home, retaining the features and designs that make your windows beautiful.

Can double glazing be fitted into my existing sash window?

This would be extremely difficult to do as older Sash Windows weren’t designed to accommodate double glazing as the glazing bars are not generally deep enough to hold thicker panes in place.

Are Double Glazed Sash Windows energy efficient? 

Double glazing itself is known of being very energy efficient but the overall energy efficiency rating of your home will also be dependent upon a number of factors including wall and loft insulation, the installed heating systems and the roofing material. However, the windows are a key factor in the overall energy efficiency rating of a house and installing Double Glazed Sash Windows could help you to save on your energy bills and help the environment as you will have less need for heating systems when you have double glazing so will be reducing your energy consumption.

What are the key benefits of Double Glazed Sash Windows?

Reduces Energy Usage

Reduces Condensation

 Reduces Noise

Increases Security

Improves kerb appeal to enhance property value 

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