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As the saying goes, the first impression is a lasting impression! And nothing could be truer than for the entrance door to your home. The entrance door is the first thing that visitors see on arrival at your property and will therefore immediately make a statement about your home. Not only that, but your entrance door will more than likely have your house number and/or name on it so in a way is also a valuable communication tool to the outside world – plus will help your postie to know where to deliver your mail! Therefore, having an entrance door that makes a great first impression is a must have for house-proud homeowners. But your entrance door not only needs to look good, it must also be robust, durable and of course secure.  There is a lot more to choosing the right entrance door to your home than first meets the eye so we here’s our useful guide to help you choose the perfect entrance door to your property.  

Entrance Doors and Sash Windows in Chels

Factors to consider when choosing a replacement entrance door for your home

You may well have noticed that there is a myriad of choice in entrance doors available for homeowners - entrance doors in aluminium, uPVC, timber, composite and many more materials. The choice is yours, however one major factor that must be taken into consideration when choosing a replacement entrance door for your home is pairing the entrance door with the style of your property. For example, if your home is a modern build choosing a traditional style entrance door will not suit the overall appearance of your home, yet if your home was a Victorian detached house this choice of entrance door would be ideal. Choosing the style is a VERY important factor that cannot be underestimated – sadly it’s a mistake many people still make!  If you get this decision wrong it will not only make your choice of entrance door look incongruous to the rest of the property, but could adversely affect the initial kerb appeal of your home.

In contrast to style, choosing the material of your front door can be more about personal taste and this is where you are able to out your own stamp on your choice of entrance door. However, it should be noted that each material will come with its own characteristics, with its own advantages and disadvantages – here are a few examples: 

  • Aluminium works best in a modern setting.

  • Timber also works well with some styles of modern houses, but can tend to look out of place on the more traditional style homes.

  • Composite works well on the vast majority of home styles from traditional to contemporary.

  • Solid wood styles can work great on both modern and traditional houses.

  • uPVC also works well with most styles but is to be avoided with those homes with period features. 

We always advise our clients to consider carefully the options of materials, colours and finishes that they want in their chosen entrance door and that will suit their style of property, and also to remember that some options may only be available to certain materials. For example if security is the major factor in your choice of entrance door then Aluminium would be a wise choice as this material can also offer the ability to house keyless entry options for the ultimate in security.

The benefits of each type of material that entrance doors can be manufactured from

Aluminium entrance doors: in recent years aluminium entrance doors have seen resurgence in popularity. They used to be considered as being prone to condensation, cold, needing a hardwood sub frame and only used in industrial settings. However, over the last decade this perception has changed rapidly and aluminium entrance doors are now considered as being uber stylish by homeowners looking for an entrance door that is visually fabulous and will allow them to have a more bespoke design or colour due to the many different types of designs available.  Aluminium entrance doors typically feature very slim yet sturdy frames, and can offer the option of several types of threshold with traditional or highly contemporary door handles. Another significant advantage of choosing an aluminium entrance door is that it can frequently be made wider and taller than uPVC or composite doors and whilst typically aluminium entrance doors are more expensive than uPVC, they are cheaper than timber doors. So if your home requires large, slim doors that are rich in colour and will be highly durable for many years to come, we recommend aluminium entrance doors.

Composite entrance doors: these entrance doors are low maintenance with exceptional security performance.  Composite entrance doors are perhaps the UK’s most popular type of entrance door. They are economically priced, available in a wide range of colours, styles and designs and are also highly durable. This is due to the fact that they have an internal core of either solid engineered timber or a high-density foam and the inner and outer skins are made from a Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP) which is glued and applied with pressure to the inside core. Composite entrance doors offer a highly insulated solid-feel door that can give the appearance of a wood door if required. They are practically maintenance free other than an occasional clean and will still look stylish many years from installation.

uPVC entrance doors: these are perhaps the most cost effective of all entrance doors so are considered and ideal for rental properties or for homeowners on a budget.  uPVC entrance doors consist of a regular door with an aluminium panel in place of the glass which creates a decorative front door. In recent years uPVC entrance doors have lost out in the popularity stakes to aluminium and composite entrance doors on the factors of appearance, performance in use and durability. However, for low cost, uPVC entrance doors cannot be beaten.

Timber entrance door: being a natural and warm product a timber entrance door will last for years but on the downside will need careful maintenance. It’s indisputable that timber entrance doors cannot be beaten on looks, quality and the desirability factor of a solid wood entrance door. Today’s timber entrance doors come in a huge choice of colours but it’s vital that take care of your solid wood entrance door, ensuring any damaged or chipped paint is promptly repaired to prevent any deterioration of the product. Timber entrance doors will last for many years but only if they are well maintained. Timber entrance and solid wood entrance doors are generally at the upper edge of the price range, but the quality and longevity is assured and this is what you pay for. 

Security and performance of entrance doors 

Each type of entrance door will have its advantages and disadvantages security wise and this can sometimes be confusing in trying to decide which entrance door is best for your home. Our recommendation is that realistically there is no ‘best’ product as current standards and building regulations ensure that all new entrance doors conform to minimum standards for quality, security, or weather performance. That being said, the higher the quality and price point of your chosen entrance door the higher specification it will be will which means that the door may exceed the minimum standards of quality that are in place.

If you are considering replacing your entrance door or are building a new property and require advice on the installation of entrance doors, then do not hesitate to contact us today for free advice on what is the right front door for your home, whether you are looking for a PVCu, aluminium, timber or composite front door in a modern or traditional style.


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