Timber Sliding Patio Doors

The beauty of Timber Sliding Patio doors has to be the extent to which the uninterrupted glass they contain when closed, allows increased natural light into the home. This also provides the homeowner with an uninterrupted view of the outside world be it a garden, patio, decking or even fields surrounding the property. Timber Sliding Patio doors are ideally suited to both traditional homes as they can be adapted to fit perfectly with the features of period properties, but are also perfect for those homeowners looking to add a modern twist to their property whilst still enjoying the natural warmth and beauty of wood. If you are considering installing Timber Sliding Patio doors into your property we have some points to consider in making your decision:  

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What are Timber Sliding Patio doors and how do they work? 

Timber Sliding Patio doors, as their name suggests, do not open in or out but are usually constructed of 2 or 3 panels of glazing which slide sideways on tracks in the door frame overlapping with one panel always remaining in place.


Due to their design Timber Sliding Patio doors don’t take up any space in the home or garden as when opened the glass panels simply slide one behind the other meaning that they will not swing inwards nor outwards. This makes Timber Sliding Patio the ideal choice for properties where interior or exterior space is at a premium and you don’t want to lose any of that space. Some homeowners requiring greater space also opt for a ‘pocket’ style sliding door, meaning that the panels will slide out of sight into cavities in the wall; this is of course an additional cost but for such homes is a real benefit.  


The design of Timber Sliding Patio doors also means that they cannot be slammed shut or moved by the wind which can be an issue with other styles such as French doors. They also offer the flexibility of being able to be slid open as much as required, either a small amount for ventilation or opened fully on warm days to enjoy the outside in. 

What is the difference between an Inline and a Lift and Slide Timber Patio Door? 

When choosing your Timber Sliding Patio doors one of the choices that you will have to make is how you wish them to work and this is the choice between an inline and a lift and slide patio door. 

An Inline Timber Sliding Patio door has the glass panels sliding within the frame and tracks. They slide to the right, the left or in any desired position according to the number of tracks available and are available from two up to six sliding panels. 

Lift and Slide Timber Sliding Patio doors have the sliding panels positioned behind the frame. The patio door handle is rotated and raises the door away from the frame making it ready to slide. They have the advantage of offering tilt or lift ventilation, more locking positions and more flexibility which inline doors do not offer. 

Why choose Timber Sliding Patio doors as opposed to another material? 

If you are looking for sliding patio doors that provide your home with an elegant, unique, one off appearance that simply cannot be replicated through any other material, then Timber Sliding Patio doors are the perfect choice for your property.  Due to the nature of wood having its own individual contours, shapes and grain, when you choose Timber Sliding Patio doors you are guaranteed that no other home will have quite the same finish to their patio doors as you will have. Timber Sliding Patio doors are also available in various wood types, colours, decorative elements and textures so are ideal for bespoke solutions.  

Additionally, wood is well known for its excellent thermal insulating qualities. Therefore, when opting for Timber Sliding Patio doors as opposed to any other material you will benefit from both beauty, functionality, durability and warmth!

What are the benefits of Timber Sliding Patio Doors? 

Increased natural light: science has proved that when we are exposed to sunshine and natural light our skin cells make vitamin D from cholesterol. Therefore by increasing the amount of natural light in our homes, even during Winter, the more vitamin D your body will be able to absorb. This in turn has many health benefits including the ability to improve mental health/moods and promote a better night’s sleep. Timber Sliding Patio Doors, by their design, allow natural light to pour into your home for you to gain these health benefits. Plus, your home will require less artificial lighting as you can harness the free resource of sunlight for natural lighting. 

Bringing the outside in: as the glass in Timber Sliding Patio Doors extends to the floor, your views of the outside world will be greatly enhanced.  So even on chilly Winter days you will be able to enjoy your garden, patio etc. And of course when the warmer days come round, with Timber Sliding Doors you are able to throw open these doors in a few seconds to allow the warm air inside your home. 

Increasing interior space: unlike traditional garden doors where you have to allow for clearance of  doors that open inwards which can be very inconvenient in a smaller property making it look and feel much more cramped. The option of having Timber Sliding Patio Doors installed will be very beneficial for maximising space as much as possible.

They make access easy: as Timber Sliding Patio Doors slide along their tracks for ease of use, opening them will never feel like a chore. Plus there’s the added advantage that extra width can be a godsend if you ever need to bring in new pieces of furniture!

Feel safe and secure: in the past it was widely assumed that due to the large window panels featured in Timber Sliding Patio doors, the level of security that offered would be low. This is however definitely NOT the case! In fact, Timber Sliding Patio doors are equipped with a number of different security locks built into design during manufacturing to give a three-tier level of protection. This makes them far more secure than a normal rear door that has been fitted with a straightforward lock. If however you are still concerned about the security of Timber Sliding Patio doors, there are additional preventative measures that can be fitted for extra protection and we are happy to advise on these measures.

Will help to reduce your energy bills: as mentioned previously, Timber Sliding Patio doors are an excellent way to maximise the amount of natural light coming into your home.  So harnessing this natural light will undoubtedly help to reduce your energy bills. The less that you have to switch on those electric lights, the less you will spend on electricity. 

In turn, sunlight brings natural warmth so during those hours in the day when the sun’s rays are at their strongest, this is the ideal time to dial down the heating in your home - or even turn it off! There’s also the benefit that rather than use an air conditioning system to cool a room, opening wide your Timber Sliding Patio doors will provide a lovely cooling fresh breeze at no cost.  

Of course to ensure that your energy bills are reduced by the installation of Timber Sliding Patio doors as much as possible, it is very important that your patio doors are entirely draught proof which we will guarantee on installation.  

They look great and are easy to maintain: as Timber Sliding Patio doors can be personalised to suit the style of your home and your personal taste, they also have the benefit of visually enhancing your property. Whether your home is situated in a stunning rural location or a more built-up urban area, Timber Sliding Patio doors will maximise the unique view from your property which can be admired and enjoyed from indoors whatever the weather. 

As they are streamlined Timber Sliding Patio doors allow curtains to hang or to have furnishings right next to them as you won’t need move them when you want to open up. Plus the clean and uncluttered design of Timber Sliding Patio doors will provide a fantastic neutral backdrop to your décor and furnishings. So whatever your style whether it is minimalist or shabby chic, Timber Sliding Patio doors will add to this style and not detract from the overall view.

Timber Sliding Patio doors are very low maintenance and are easy to clean, so will look good for many years to come giving you have nothing to worry about but admiring the view.

Increase the value of your property: Timber Sliding Patio doors will undoubtedly increase the kerb appeal of your home by grabbing the attention of any potential buyers. When viewing your home any potential buyer cannot fail to be impressed by the elegant combination of these high-quality patio doors with an attractive outside area and this will help them to visualise making your property their home. Even better if your garden is beautifully maintained and is therefore one of the feature points of your home - opting to install Timber Sliding Patio doors  will be a guaranteed way to highlight this features and so contribute towards increasing the value of your  property.

Not only will the installation of Timber Sliding Patio transform your home with an elegant yet unique and modern twist, but from our guide we are sure it is very clear that they also offer a number of useful benefits that can improve your overall lifestyle in your home, such as a reduction in energy bills, enhanced natural lighting and maximised space.  If you are ready to reap the benefits of Timber Sliding Patio then get in touch with the team here at Welbeck Windows by calling 0203 583 3525 for a no obligation quotation.