Triple Glazed Sash Windows

If your home suffers from being constantly cold and you are struggling to keep the heat in - maybe you live in an area prone to bad winter weather, or need more security or insulation from noise e.g. you live on a busy main road or in the middle of a city like London, then you may wish to consider having your windows replaced and fitted with new Triple Glazed Sash Windows. Unsurprisingly, Triple Glazed Sash Windows are the next step up from double glazed windows and will provide the answer to the problem in these types of circumstances.   If you want to know more about Triple Glazed Sash Windows here is a simple guide:

Triple Glazed Sash Windows.png

What is triple glazing?

As its name implies, triple glazing is three panes of glass rather than a single pane or the 2 used in double glazing. The concept simply being that three thick panes are better than two for keeping in the warmth so by introducing an extra pane this increases energy efficiency and also reduces noise. 

What are the benefits of Triple Glazed Sash Windows?

Insulation: when you have Triple Glazed Sash Windows installed into your property this is a guarantee that no heat will leave your home. It’s the maximum amount of glass panes that can be used within Sash Windows without being too costly, heavy or unsightly. Two of the three panes of glass are gas-filled and the panes are encased in a sealed frame so that heat cannot escape through the seams of the sash window. The three panes act as an excellent barrier between your home and the elements. Three thick panes and clever gas space in-between is a strong measure of resistance to the cold and noise.

Drafts are removed: with Triple Glazed Sash Windows you will never have to worry about having your windows draught-proofed as everything is totally sealed which means that there are too many layers of protection from any potential draft.

Reduction in noise pollution: Triple Glazed Sash Windows offer a significant reduction in noise pollution which makes them the ideal choice for those homeowners who live in noisy areas.

Increase the kerb appeal of your home: if you should decide to sell your home and you have had Triple Glazed Sash Windows installed this will certainly act as a factor to leverage the price upwards.  If a prospective purchaser sees that you’ve installed temperature efficient Triple Glazed Sash Windows  which will enable them to significantly save on energy bills, this could well be a deciding  factor in their decision to purchase against an alternative home with windows that are less thermally efficient. 

Condensation is removed: condensation simply won’t be able to emerge when you have Triple Glazed Sash Windows installed. Condensation is often caused by the different temperatures between the cold outside and the warm inside your home. With Triple Glazed Sash Windows you will not have this problem as the air pockets between each pane of glass works to reduce the temperature difference meaning that no condensation can be formed.

Do Triple Glazed Sash Windows look any different to original single glazed sash?

Over the years Triple Glazed Sash Windows have been developed to look almost the same as single glazing from the front on.  Looking straight at Triple Glazed Sash Windows you would struggle to tell the difference between Triple Glazed Sash Windows and single glazed Sash Windows.  The only factor that actually gives away Triple Glazed Sash Windows, is the fact that the multiple panes of glass cause a reflection, otherwise you wouldn’t really know that they have got a triple glazed unit inside, much in the same way as Double Glazed Sash Windows. 

Are Triple Glazed Sash Windows more expensive? 

Typically Triple Glazed Sash Windows cost around 35% more than Double Glazed Sash Windows. This is due to the fact that the glass is more expensive as well as an additional counterbalance cost.  Taking into consideration that the 8.8mm glass is double the weight of 4mm glass, it considerably increases the amount of counterbalance lead required to make the Sash Window stay put when you open it. 

If you’re considering the installation of Triple Glazed Sash Windows, the team here at Welbeck Windows are happy to help with any further queries or to give a free no obligation quote - just give us a call on 0203 583 3525 for our expert advice.